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Patty Bed & Bedheads Buttoned

$599.00 $499.00

Item Color Bedhead Height Price
King Bedhead Natural/blue navy/oatmeal linen 1500mm $899
Queen BH Natural/blue navy/oatmeal linen 1500mm $819
Double BH Pink/blue navy/oatmeal/charcoal linen 1200mm $689
King Single BH Oatmeal linen 1200mm $609
Single BH Oatmeal linen 1200mm $569
King BH Cream cotton 1400mm $689
Double BH Cream cotton 1200mm $549
King Full Bed weathered oak legs, linen  1500mm $1,849
Queen FB weathered oak legs,linen  1500mm $1,749
Double FB weathered oak legs,linen  1200mm $1,649
King Single FB weathered oak legs,linen  1200mm $1,149
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